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Tracy's Veiling Journey

// How I Started Veiling // I was invited by a priest-friend, who celebrated Traditional Latin Mass, last few months ago. I’m fairly new to this tradition as it was my first-time. To my astonishment, the women who attended this extraordinary form of mass were all veiled with heavenly black and white mantilla. I thought this practice of veiling was meant for “holier” people only, hence I can’t envision myself wearing one at that time. 
 Recently, I got another invite to attend the Traditional Latin Mass. During the Holy Communion, I was standing in the aisle, waiting for my turn. Before kneeling down the pew to receive the Holy Eucharist, someone randomly throw a black veil over me to...

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Paula's Veiling Journey

“Last year, I fell back in love with our Lord.About 4 years ago, I was at a youth camp and saw one of the leaders wearing a veil and instantly became drawn. I didn’t end up pursuing veiling at the time as I hadn’t ‘stood firm in my faith.’I come from a family with a very strong Catholic faith. It is what binds us together as a family. However, I began dating a non-Catholic man and completely derailed my faith, distancing myself from God. Far in that journey, I eventually learned that my love for my family and God was more important than my worldly desires. God removed him from my life and embraced me back into His arms. Before...

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A Catholic Man's Perspective On Veiling

So I decided to interview my loving other half Simon one evening about his thoughts and perspective on women who wear a veil a Mass or Adoration. I hope that it may affirm you lovely sisters, whichever part of the veiling journey you may be on! :)

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