Tracy's Veiling Journey

// How I Started Veiling //

I was invited by a priest-friend, who celebrated Traditional Latin Mass, last few months ago. I’m fairly new to this tradition as it was my first-time. To my astonishment, the women who attended this extraordinary form of mass were all veiled with heavenly black and white mantilla. I thought this practice of veiling was meant for “holier” people only, hence I can’t envision myself wearing one at that time. 

Recently, I got another invite to attend the Traditional Latin Mass. During the Holy Communion, I was standing in the aisle, waiting for my turn. Before kneeling down the pew to receive the Holy Eucharist, someone randomly throw a black veil over me to cover my head. And, there I was, kneeling and veiled for the very first-time when I received Jesus Christ. I’ll never forget the joy I felt in my heart at that very moment, and it’s life-changing.

We aren’t holy, yet we are God’s living tabernacle. He dwells within us. So, we must show reverence to God and veil ourselves with modesty and humility in His presence. Wearing a veil is a reminder that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, let’s strive each and every day of our lives to reach holiness by the grace of God. 

Praying with you as I join you in this veiling journey. Shalom.


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